Should you go for body rubs, full service, or escorts?

If you are into this kind of sexy body massage, you know what each term means already. But if you do not have any idea about them and you are curious about these terms, this blog is worth reading.

A body rubs, also known as rub and tugs or erotic massage, is simply a body massage with a sensual twist performed by a woman. Whenever you go for this kind of service, the woman will do all the work and all you have to do is to lie on the massage table and feel the touch of her hand. Some spas and massage establishments offer this kind of hidden service.

You are also allowed to touch her breasts or ass, but no sex is involved here. That is another package, which will be tackled later. In sensual body massage, everything is about touch and she will be topless or otherwise nude to make you aroused.

Full service is another package offered by some establishments. It involves sex in all forms- oral and physical. This includes erotic massage and sex to satisfy your pleasure and stimulate your sensual climax.

Escorts, on the other hand, are call girls. They are paid by the hour they work for sex. We can say they are prostitutes but paid higher than those in the street. Escorts do not stay in the street. And

most of all, they do not expose themselves in public. They are employed by an escort agency. The client has to call an agency to make an appointment with a certain escort.

We can also use the term “full service” to call girls or escorts because they do what you want. They can give you a hand job, an oral sex, and physical sensual pleasure. You can do anything to an escort. However, the masseuse or female massagers who offer full service are not called escorts because they don’t work for an agency. They work for massage establishments.

But whatever body massage you like to get, you will surely enjoy their sensual sensations and erotic massage done to you. Switch to full service if you want more sexual climax. And if you just want to get your climax out of you WITHOUT sex, consider rubs and tugs.